Architype works with our clients, through a
uniquely engaging and collaborative process,
to create buildings that:
are crafted to achieve an elegant simplicity, making them affordable and practical, robust and durable, easy to build and maintain
radically reduce energy consumption and
running costs, minimise carbon emissions
and environmental impact, and are healthy
for occupants
are uplifting and enriching, celebrate their connection with the external landscape, use natural materials, and are light and airy, calm, refined and humane
are timeless and long lasting, and being free of applied style are enriched by inhabitation and personalisation, enabling adaption and change over time

By setting passivhaus, the most rigorous energy standard in Europe, as our minimum energy target dramatic reductions in energy consumption of up to 90% can be realised.

Using less energy achieves direct carbon reductions and cost savings, which is more effective than offsetting carbon emissions with expensive micro-renewables.

By providing an industry leading 'soft landings' service, underpinned by rigorous post occupancy evaluation, we support clients in the first two years of occupation to optimise building performance.